Thursday, September 19, 2013


SORRY THAT I TOOK SO LONG? I been on a hiatus basically doing an Arsenio Hall extended sick leave scenario. Well after some time and deep meditation I am back and hopefully this go round I can bring you more of the dopeness that I provided you with before I left you. I realize that the world is moving much faster now than when I was here with you guys the last go round but in due time I shall be up to speed and moving with the swiftness of a racehorse, so bear with me as we buckle in and try to get this back cracking the only way we know best and that is thru hard work and sheer determination. So let's get it!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Lately I been on some let me free my mind ish, and I really been getting deep into the sonic foundation of my tracks to further expand my beat making. Well I have really been paying attention to StereoLab. I mean the more I go through their catalog the more amazed I become I am like just when I thought they took me there musically I find my self being taken up another level. StereoLab has so many hits over the years it is hard for me to even grab what I would consider a favorite but like I stated earlier their attention to sound is phenomenal. The layering of strings and vibes paired with the jazzy guitars and dark drums is genius and I am now going to really challenge myself to push that envelope in my production. Well enough talk let's get to the music.. here it is y'all "Emergency Kisses" by Stereolab!!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Soul Brotha Su

What up y'all? Fresh off the oven racks, is the new joint from Sudan Life better known as Superlative. My guy is a beast and his work ethic is bannanaz. Su Life is one of those proverbial beat junkies, who's idea of bliss is posted up in the lab with a unlimited supply of wax and the weapon of choice his Mpc. Well like I said this one here is fresh off the presses and it's titled Breakbeat Su which is a electric mosh pit of samples down tempo drums and dirty Hip Hop straight no chaser.... So here it is as promised Sudan Life!!!!

Beakbeat Su by Sudan Life//SuPerlative

Depakote be the ILLEST!!

Damn Right!!!!! What up with it 9 to 5rs?? I am just in the writing mood today and please believe me I am gonna pick up where I left off. As we know last month was a little slow had a few trials and obstacles I had to overcome, and I am going to pull a Jigga and dust my shoulders homie. Well anyway I been vibin' off the music from a cat I came across on twitter a couple of months back who goes by the name Depakote. He comes to us out of Garden Grove,CA. and his style is straight up West Coast Boom Bap Hip Hop Music
which I can relate to being a beat maker myself hailing from C.Aye All Day Yall.... Well on any accord I posted a track off his Gummo CD titled Painful Bells it is a eerie dark track but has that head nod feel to it at the same time. So to my Hip Hop Heads enjoy and too you new school cats take notes.... Depakote y'all!!!!!


What up blogasphere? I just came across the latest video by Signif titled "DRIFTING" produced by Tay Lee out of Memphis Tn. This I must say is a very nice track and Signif's vocals are a perfect fit for it. Well anyway without further delay I bring to you DRIFTING.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Yo what up folks?? Just got the exclusive new video from the homey EVL DUER titled "TACTICS" off his upcoming beat CD "Golden State Advantage" anyway y'all check it out and ENJOY the video...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Check this Guy Out!!!

All I can I say is this dude is INCREDIBLE!!!
I came across this when I was over my homeboys house browsing thru YouTube he goes by name of Reggie Watts and I am a believer y'all... So take a look and I am sure you will be just as amazed as I was too......